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What Is the Importance of Oral and Dental Health During Corona Battle, What We Should Do for Our Dental and Oral Health?

The World is having hard times. We are facing with an epidemic. Even if CoVid-19 Epidemic is new for the World, there have been different epidemics throughout history. This epidemic will also end with light of science and wisdom. 
We should keep high our body immunity in this time. Dr. Mehmet Oz listed virus precautions like this: Getting enough sleep, keeping in training, moisturizing the air you breath, not touching on your face, not shaking hands.He also advises that people should take vitamin C and Zink regularly. All these advices are beneficial for your oral and dental health too. 

We were caught effects of this virus instantly. We always warn our patients about getting dental check-up before pregnancy to prevent gingival bleeding. We say that you should know that if you have gum problem, the direct infection area is as big as your palm. We also warn people who have diabetes. If your gum health is good, you should know that controlling your diabetes is easier. If you have tooth decay / cavity in your mouth it is a direct nutritional source for microorganisms. Microorganism harbors itself here, in the cavity area and keep breeding there.

This is same for the virus.
If we knew in advance that such a epidemic is coming, we would come up with a solution for problems about oral and dental health, but we might have caught up unwary. That’s why when experts say that “Don’t touch your mouth with your hand”, you shouldn’t forget that your oral health is important too and don’t neglect your oral-dental care routine. If you have bleeding gum, and if the reason is tartar, you should immediately get your routine dental cleaning after quarantine ends. The best method until quarantine ends is brushing your teeth. It is not necessary to do it with pressure and make it bleed. You should brush from your gum to teeth gently. Your toothpaste should be the ones made for especially for gum health. You can prefer toothpastes, which contain natural refreshers like mint, eucalyptus, licorice root, clove. Making floss for in-between of your teeth, brushing your tongue and inner surface of cheeks are also routine cleaning methods.

The most affective mouthwash against corona virus is the ones contain %1 hydrogen peroxide or %0.2 povidone iodine. These mouthwashes were advised by ADA (American Dentist’s Association) and TDB (Turkish Dentist’s Association) for pre-treatment mouth disinfection to dentists. 
You can procure %1 hydrogen peroxide by mixing normal water and oxygen water, which you can purchase from pharmacies. You can mix one cap of oxygen water with 2 caps of normal water and use it as mouthwash. 

Consuming herbal teas is also beneficial for your dental and oral health. Sage tea and green tea are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 
Catechin in green tea is strong antioxidants and they have anti-inflammatory effect at the same time. When you consume it like normal tea, it is usable for natural mouthwash production. 

Natural mouthwashes with sage tea and sea salt will make becalm your gum problem. Sage tea and sea salt are antiseptic, that’s why they heal scars faster.

  • 1 glass of boiled water
  • 2 dessert spoon of sage tea (dry)
  • 1 tea spoon rock salt
Put the sage tea and salt in a jar and pour the boiled water slowly on it. After you close its caps shake slowly. Wait 10 minutes and filter it. After it got cold you can use it as mouthwash after you brush your teeth. It shouldn’t wait more than one day. If you prepare it in the morning, you can use it whole day. 

Water with salt is good for oral cankers. You should gargle 3 times a day with mix of 1 small glass of warm water and 1 dessertspoon of water. If you have high blood pressure or kidney problems you shouldn’t do this method, you should put cotton with salty water to problematic areas instead and rinse your mouth with pure water after 5 minutes. This is also one of the methods that you can apply at home. If you had extraction or implant surgery before quarantine, this is helpful. 

Tea Tree Oil
Flossing daily is the best way to keep your mouth healthy. If you want to go one step further, you can add a bit of tea tree oil to your floss. This oil acts like a natural disinfectant, which is decreasing bacteria. Adding tea tree oil to your daily floss will also help with your bleeding gum. You can find it from herbalists.
You can increase water consuming. It is also a way of detox. 
Stress triggers cankers in the mouth. That’s why if you have canker in your mouth during this extremely stressful period, the first thing you should do is looking over your eating habits. You should stay away from acidic food (like meat, citrus, tomato, vinegar). Nowadays everyone suggesting each other mout washing with vinegar, but you should know that vinegar increases canker. You can turn acidic environment into basic with baking soda. 

Probiotics are good for your oral health and there are oral probiotics that you can use daily. Probiotics are beneficial in dental treatments like tooth decay and gum diseases. As beneficial bacteria occur in your mouth, it gets easier to defend yourself against harmful bacteria. Your mouth structure becomes a strong barrier. 
You can make mouth wash with olive oil. Especially when you are going out, olive oil make isolation in the mouth and prevents microp and viruses from adherence. 
Be sure about hygiene of your toothbrush. Rinse your toothbrush carefully after you use it. Wash it with tap water for 10 seconds before you use it. Of course make sure that your hands are clean before do it. Wash your hands with 20 seconds rule and be sure that your toothbrush is clean and clear.

How to Keep Your Toothbrush?
Don’t keep your toothbrush next to someone else’s in the same glass. Even if you are doing it, make sure that their heads are not touching each other. Don’t keep your toothbrush in a close cabinet, which doesn’t have air inside because humid increase bacteria and viruses. In addition to this, keep your toothbrush away from the toilet, as much as you can, this is a routine rule you have to apply. Every time you flush, you spread microps. Keep toilet cover closed. 
In order to make sure that your toothbrush is clean enough, you can keep it in boiled water for five minutes.

Also you can spray %1 hydrogen peroxide that you use as a mouthwash on your toothbrush. You can prepare your toothbrush disinfectant like this:

  • 2 big spoon of grape or apple vinegar
  • 2 tea spoon of baking soda
Put the vinegar in a glass and add the baking soda after it, you can put your toothbrush right away and start to blend. The foam, which occurs because of interaction of vinegar and baking soda clean bristles of toothbrush. After this you can wash your toothbrush. This method is a natural disinfection method.
During this period you are advised not to go to the dentist except for emergencies. This is means when you have emergency you should go to the dentist. 
Emergency cases listed below by Turkish Dentists’ Association:
Strong tooth pain
Swollen eye, neck, gum
Infection risk and trauma (hitting, breaking… etc)
Non stop bleeding in mouth
If you have these kinds of situations you should have treatment. As we specify in the beginning this epidemic will end one day. We wish you a healthy life.