About Us

Our Mission & Our Vision

Emotional Dentistry

Emotional Dentistry is an intuitive concept of dental practice that places the humanity of patients as the singular importance at its center.       

Hygiene Rules

Sterilization has the number one priority in our clinic for the safety of our patients and staff. All members of our team are educated about every step of infection control. 

Constant Development

We always follow innovations in our dental treatments and products. We believe in lifelong education principle. 

Environmentally Responsible

We avoid using amalgam filling and performing protective treatments with the conscious of our responsibilities against the environment and human health. All materials we use in dental treatments and sterilization are approved by FDA.


Our most important resource is our workers. All of doctors and staff are patient satisfaction oriented. For this reason, we commit ourselves to improve our system constantly.

Protective Care and Applications

It is important to protect yours and next generation’s dental health for us. That’s why we give protective dentistry services from childhood to adulthood.