Dental Estetik Center


General Dentistry: Fillings & Extractions

Root Canal Treatment: Root canal treatments & Renewals

Amalgam Removal: Amalgam fillings should be removed with special technique because of the mercury inside. We remove amalgam fillings in our clinic by SMART (Safe Mercury-Amalgam Removal Technique)

Bleaching: Office Type Bleaching & Mixed Bleaching

Orthodontics: Metal Braces, Porcelain Braces, Invisalign. Invisalign is transparent plaques functioning in the same way with braces. It can be called also “digital orthodontics”. They are almost invisible and you can take them our while you are eating, so it doesn’t limit your daily life like braces. 


Periodontics: Gum and bone operations

Holistic Dentistry: Neural Therapy: It evaluates the body as a whole. Our connective tissue and neural system reticulate our body and because of this, a disease in an organ or tissue can show itself in another organ that connected with it. In dentistry, it is common to use neural therapy.