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I Have A Canker In My Mouth!

We are having stressful days. Everyone have fear of being infected for themselves or for their families. We understand your emotions and stress, but we don’t want you to struggle with mouth ulcer that happens because of stress. Mouth ulcers can be cause of panic. We have so many questions about mouth ulcers during quarantine.

“I have a canker in my mouth, what should I do?”

 Mouth cankers generally appear on the inner part of cheek or lip, on the tongue, palate or gum. They have yellow edges and white-grey colors. They prevent you from smiling, eating, drinking, controlling your saliva because of the sense of pain and sensitivity. Under current circumstances, it is causing a panic among patients.  We prepared some advices for mouth cankers which causes swollen lymphatic and frightens you.

Since mouth cankers are painful, they may reduce your quality of life. You should avoid irritant nourishments like hot, acidic and caustic kinds. This is so important, especially coke.


We suggest you to take vitamins, most importantly B12 and Zinc. Zinc supplement empowers your body resistance and immunity, reduces your frequency of mouth cankers.


Mix one teaspoon of rock salt with warm water and use it as mouthwash. Mouth cankers starts to heal when you use this mouthwash three times a day.


Clove oil and honey are natural germ killers. That’s why they are good at destroying mouth cankers. Clove oil includes eugenol, which is a natural antiseptic. You can put clove oil and honey on cankers one by one or together.


Coconut oil has an antimicrobial feature. There is and old common mouthwash known as “oil gargle”. You can mix one spoon of coconut oil and sesame oil or other eatable oils and rinse your mouth.

Even if you don’t do all of this, your cankers disappear in couple weeks if you have good dental hygiene. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, cankers get infected from your own mouth, because we have so many microorganisms in our mouth and if we don’t brush our teeth regularly they cause infection. Toothpastes with menthol can cause pain because of the canker, you can prefer organic pastes when you have canker.


Smoking prepares a perfect environment for cankers and makes get them easier. At least you shouldn’t smoke when you have already canker in your mouth, because smoking also delays healing.

So basically, reduce smoking, take vitamins, take a good care of your mouth, apply mouthwashes, and avoid cola and acidic nourishments. Don’t worry it will be over soon.