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Holistic Dentistry

Should soul, body and teeth be in a harmony? Of course soul and body should be in a harmony, because emotions make people ill. Almost everyone knows Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”.

All illnesses have important reason in terms of emotion. For example; emotional reason of lack of thyroid hormone is not being able to tell what you want to tell, emotional reason of neck and back pain is taking too much responsibility in life. Isn’t it interesting? Did you ever think about from this point of view?

Our emotions are making us ill, than what they are doing to our teeth?

First of all, stress is not good for our teeth. So stress, -which is bad for everything- is bad for our teeth too. As a result of stress we are grinding our teeth. As we grind our teeth, they are eroding or even cracking. Eroded teeth cause collapse of our skeleton system, which support our breath organs; because, teeth support our breathing system and function as carrier. Eroded teeth make breathing organs’ space narrow.

There is our tongue between lower and upper teeth. When teeth are eroded, tongue cannot fit in the mouth and it goes back. Think about consequences of not being able to breath comfortably. When we look at it from holistic perspective; can probiotics -which is used for INTESTINAL FLORA- perform their mission when the gum is infected or is it possible to mention about DETOX for a person with infected gum and so many microorganisms? DETOX starts in the mouth. That’s why teeth and gum should be healthy. Some herbal teas like green tea and sage tea are helpful for dental health.

The negative effect of gum infection is well known by a gum specialist. Gum infection is so important for diabetes and heart diseases.

Also gum infection has negative effects during pregnancy like even low birth weight baby and premature birth.

As a consequence of all these reasons, we should evaluate our health from holistic perpective and we should be conscious about HOLISTIC DENTISTRY.