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Emotional Dentistry

What is Emotional Dentistry?

Emotional Dentistry is a brand new concept in dental practice.

But at the same time, it is as old a concept as it could possibly be.

It is not a discovery of the newest dental treatment.

Nor is it a clever sales pitch to introduce the latest dental technology.

It is not What but Who; it is not How but Why.

Emotional Dentistry is an intuitive concept of dental practice that places the humanity of patients as the singluar importance at its centre.

Emotional Dentistry, unlike conventional one, does not approach your dental issue as an isolated incident.

Rather its approach is sensitive, delicate, considerate, compassionate, communicable, understanding, kind, and holistic.

A dentist who practices the concept of Emotional Dentistry understands that your dental issue is a complex of emotional impulses and responses associated with all the social, professional, private, health, practical, and aesthetic aspects of your life.

She understands that it is not only about your teeth but how you perceive and feel about your teeth in your every day life.

This is why Emotional Dentistry is new as well as old.

It is an old concept because it deals with the most rudimentary and intrinsic emotional responses deeply embedded within us as human beings.

Being happy, being upset, being satisfied, being afraid, being optimistic, being frustrated … a complex hub of human emotions, interacting with each other and creating a series of hybrid consequential reactions, small as well as big, that deeply influence our perceptions and behaviours in life.

Yet it is a new concept because it is the first time we’re actively embracing the very role of our teeth, making some significant impacts in how we conceive ourselves in reflection to the world around us.
At the same time, it is a very simple concept: What could be more important to our psychological and emotional health, concerning our self-image, than the very thing that we look at everyday many times a day and that we present to others constantly?

And when it comes to self-image and beauty, many different elements have been embraced: Face, eyes, nose, skin, weight, body contour, and even fashion.

Teeth have come into the aesthetic conception of public relatively late. And when this concept is being introduced, it has mostly been about mechanical and functional aspects.

Yet we’ve discovered that the appearance of our teeth holds as much importance to our emotional health as the functionality of our teeth to our physical health.

One is not lesser than the other.

And it is not something to be regarded as vain and shallow when we consider the aesthetic aspect of our teeth.

It is the other side of the same coin, and the two go together as one.

So as a dentist who practices Emotional Dentistry, it is of a paramount importance to consider how my patients would feel and perceive the appearance of their teeth.

Their emotions associated with it, which would influence their own self-perception of who they are to themselves and how they would interact with others around them in different social settings in their lives, are very important a task for a dentist.

It is a dentist’s responsibility to partake in and contribute to the process of happiness in the patients’ lives.

And ultimately, the most important aspect of all is that the aesthetic of your teeth must first be beautiful in your eyes before anything else.

Emotional Dentistry is a passionate advocate of that philosophy. You first, your definition of beauty first, your understanding of happiness first. Before anything else and anyone else.

So who is Emotional Dentistry is for?

It’s for you. Period.

It’s that simple.