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Digital Dentistry

Nowadays, fast treatments in short time periods and even treatments in one session became necessary due to the change in people’s social life and long working hours.


Modern dentistry supported with information technologies brought the concept of “Digital Dentistry” to our lives. In digital dentistry; general dentistry gets together with software and provides both patient and doctor produce more efficient and practical process.


At this point of view, patient’s mouth gets scanned with 3D scanner and forwarded to computer. The visual that we forwarded to computer provide user to see all the details in the mouth and work on them digitally. If 3D scanning was made for any restoration, it gives the chance of patient, technician, and doctor cooperation in the designing process on computer environment.  We can have pre information about material selection; shape, color and even we can see how the restoration will look in the mouth.


Digital dentistry provides combined treatments especially with aesthetic dentistry (porcelain laminates, zirconium restorations, e-max restorations… etc) called “Digital Smile Design”. We can make adjustments according to the facial structure on shape and color by loading scanned visuals to system. It is also so advantageous for comparing patient’s first look and after treatment look on the first step.


Another feature of digital dentistry is giving the chance of seeing their mouth look in macro level to patients. It helps doctor with diagnose too. Patient can see his/her general mouth situation like cavities, fillings, and tartar on computer environment.


Digital dentistry turns preparation process to doctor-patient-technician communication and it is indispensible part of modern dentistry.


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