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What Will Change After CoVid-19 In Dentistry?

Both our and patients’ point of view to disinfection and sterilization changed a lot after pandemic.

We were already used to work in area with bacteria as a doctor, but our patients had a huge panic. We continue to treat our patients by taking all the measures, however it is time to make some changes because the World is getting digital day by day and this has reflection in dentistry too. We are developing methods of examination without bringing the patient to the clinic. We are determining needs of patient with applications such as Facetime, before they come to the clinic. We are gaining serious amount of time with this method in terms of listening and understanding the patient more.  

We were already using 3D mouth scanner, which gives us to ability of producing zirconium crowns in one day.

Now we are even using more this kind of technologies. Before these scanners was attractive because people doesn’t like manual uncomfortable impression techniques, but now they are attractive because they prevent contamination. Manual impressions can easily carry and spread virus and bacteria, when it comes to digital it is not an option anymore.  Our smile has never been this important before since we do almost all the meeting online now.

We are sure that our smile is the most important thing not only an element that expresses us but also reflects our love, emotions and soul, which will take its place on beautiful photos as a memory of future good days when we get through those hard times.