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10 Secrets For A Fresh Breath

Bad breath is a problem with which everyone may have to deal at some point in our lives. Though, it is not a socially desired condition. No matter how well-groomed you are, this condition may compromise your reputation. Here are 10 SECRETS FOR A FRESH BREATH to protect your reputation:

1-You must review whether you exercise good oral care. Do you brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime? Remember to BRUSH THE UPPER SURFACE OF YOUR TONGUE in addition to brushing your teeth.

2-Remember to clean the areas in between your teeth before going to bed. Keep in mind that a toothbrush cannot reach to those areas. Use DENTAL FLOSSES, BRUSHES DESIGNED FOR THESE AREAS, OR ORAL SHOWERS to clean these areas.

3-Use mouthwash. After brushing your teeth, extend the mouthwash toward the back of your throat and gargle for 2-3 minutes. Do not eat or drink for 20 minutes afterwards. You may gargle on salty water as well, if you do not suffer from blood pressure issues.

4-Get your tartars cleaned regularly. There are many microorganisms inside tartars. These microorganisms cause bad odor, so GET THEM CLEANED during your regular 6-month visits to your dentist.

5-Do not ignore bleeding gums. If your gums start to bleed while you are brushing your teeth, you may have gum problems.

6-If you enjoy having foods like ONIONS or GARLICS, consume them for dinner. Brush your teeth after consuming them. Chewing on cloves, gums or having mint candies may mask the smell of onions and garlics to an extent. Though, you should delay their consumption until dinner.

7-Lose your mouth dryness. Avoid whatever is causing it. As we have suggested before, we should suggest you again to consume 2 liters of water each day.

8-HAVE HERBAL TEAS: With their anti-oxidant nature, sage and green tea are effective against microorganisms and dispel bad breath. Gargling with sage is extremely beneficial in dispelling bad breath.

9-A decayed tooth is the exact cause of bad breath. Or, if you have dents in your dental lining, visit your dentist immediately. Have x-ray assessments of the secret decays in between your teeth while your visit to a dentist. Bad breath caused by a decay WILL NOT BE GONE even after you brush your teeth. Do not try to mask it in vain with sprays or drops.

10-Check if your toothpaste includes zinc. Chewing gums, mouthwash and toothpastes with zinc dispel bad breath.

In short, if you have bad breath, you should brush your teeth and use chewing gums, mouthwash and whatnot, that is, exercise good oral care by yourself before anything else. Consume plenty of water, but if you still have bad breath after all these, consult your dentist.